How to apply for HSC Pathways

What is HSC Pathways?

HSC Pathways is a way to do the HSC that works best for you, to fit with your needs. Through Pathways, you can take up to 5 years to complete your HSC.

It provides a means for you to combine your studies with employment or other commitments, such as family care, elite sporting or cultural pursuits.

How does it work?

Students online provides a breakdown of HSC Pathways, which you can see here. In it’s breakdown it discusses repeating subjects and combining your HSC study with a traineeship or apprenticeship.

So, how do you apply?

As stated on the Board of Studies website, “there isn’t an application form for HSC Pathways. Each pathway needs to be negotiated with the school or TAFE concerned. Students need to make sure that there is a route they can follow to complete the requirements.”

This means you will need to contact someone from your school or TAFE and discuss with them how you can complete your HSC studies through Pathways.

Where can I do Pathways?

You can complete your HSC study through Pathways at High School or through TAFE.