Your rights as a student

It’s important to know your rights as a student and luckily, we have the website Lawstuff to tell us what our lawful rights are as a student.


There are a number of categories for you to look at. For this post the focus will be on NSW, if you are in another state click here.

Please note, this is for public schools only. If you go to a private or Catholic school you will need to contact Lawstuff directly for the following information:

  • School rules, click here.
  • Searches and confiscations, click here.
  • Discipline and Punishment, click here.
  • School uniforms, click here.
  • When can you leave school? Click here.
  • Suspension and Expulsions, click here.
  • Is your teacher bullying you? Click here. There are also other frequently asked questions on this link that you can look through.

You can also ask Lawstuff a question about your rights directly by email, by clicking here.

Lawstuff also has a great list of resources outside of school, including legal advice services and advice on going to court. They also have a list of topics you can go through, including cyber-bullying, sexual assault and sexual harassment, discrimination and child abuse.

If you want to know more about Lawstuff, click here.

They also have a Facebook page, click here to check them out!