How to edit images/make a poster online

Whether you need to do some photo editing for a project or for fun, there’s no need to pay for a program to get what you want!

Here is a list of sites where you can edit photos:

  • Online Photoshop Free – no sign up required. Upload a photo, or multiple photos, and you can use this site in the same way that you’d use a paid-for photoshop program.
  • Foto Flexer – no sign up required. Similar to Online Photoshop, best site for using a magnetic lasso.
  • Fotor – no sign up required. Edit existing photos, or make a collage.

Do you need to make a poster? There are also ways to create a poster for free:

  • Canva – sign up for free and pick from a range of templates to design your poster from.
  • Poster My Wall – no sign up required. Design your own poster or pick from their selection of templates.
  • Poster Razor – no sign up required. This site allows you to print your poster onto multiple A4 papers to make one big poster. This means you can use a regular printer to print A3 or bigger posters.
  • Fotor – no sign up required. Has templates for posters and you can also make your own.

Printing these posters will cost money if you don’t have access to a printer at home or at school. To print in colour or print paper sizes bigger than A4, go to your local Officeworks and print it there. For information on pricing, click here. Otherwise, you can also print A4 at your local library.