Making sense of the marking criteria

The marking criteria can be hard to follow when it uses words that are hard to understand. Luckily, there is a glossary of key words for you to help you understand what you have to do.

Say for example, you have to write an essay and it asks you to critically analyse or evaluate part of your text. The glossary tells you that this means you have to add a degree or level of accuracy depth, knowledge and understanding, logic, questioning, reflection and quality to (analyse/evaluate). This means when you have to critically analyse something, you have to discuss your understanding of a concept and argue that through evidence (techniques).

Click here to access the glossary.

Looking at the Board of Studies syllabus can also help you to understand the marking criteria. Simply pick your subject and open the syllabus. Page 97 also has a glossary of important terms. For tips on how to utilise the syllabus handout, see related article Research tips & shortcuts.

It’s important to follow the marking criteria, these sites and tips should help you to do just that!


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