Referencing made easy

For assignments you will have to write a bibliography, which is a list of the sources you used. This is also known as referencing.

When referencing, things you have to write down can include the author, date, title of article/chapter, title of publication/website/book, who published it, the date you accessed it and a link to your source.

It can get confusing trying to remember how to reference properly, which is where reference generators come in! On these websites, you simply enter in the information and the type of referencing system you are using (e.g. APA, Harvard) and it works it out for you.

Referencing generators to use:

  • For Harvard style, go to this link.
  • For a few different styles, go to this link. It also includes directions!
  • For a few different styles, go to this link. It also includes information on how referencing works and why we need it!

If you are unable to fill in each box/all the information, don’t stress! It is ok to leave out information if you cannot find it. The most important parts to include are author (if it doesn’t say who the author is, write ‘Author Unknown’), date, title of article, title of publication and if it was on the internet, where you got it from.

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