Research tips & shortcuts

Tip #1 Halve your reading or searching time by searching for key words with a keyboard shortcut –  (on Macbook) Cmd + F, (on Windows) Ctrl + F. This simple shortcut makes studying and researching so much easier. Go to the bottom of this post for an example of how to use the keyboard shortcut. (See related article Keyboard shortcuts for more handy tips!)

Tip #2 Utilise your Google search – don’t just copy and paste the question into Google, that will often make you more confused! Enter key words instead. Are there words in the question you need to define? Google them first! Do you need to answer a few different areas (such as how, what, when, who)? Google each part separately!

Tip #3 Actually use the Board of Studies syllabus – it will have all the answers you need! Use the keyboard shortcut to quickly find the answers you’re looking for. For most subjects, the syllabus will include definitions of key terms. Reading and memorising these will really help you to get those marks! And there is an easy way to find them! Simply open the syllabus, hold on your keyboard (on Macbook) Cmd + F, (on Windows) Ctrl + F, then type in the word you are looking for.

Bonus tip: definitions in the Board of Studies will be much easier to understand than definitions from a google search. If you are stuck on a word or concept, go to the syllabus before google! After all, your HSC will be marked from that syllabus.

How to use keyboard shortcut and syllabus:

Example – Looking for the definition of globalisation for Society and Culture.


Hold Cmd + F (on Macbook), or Ctrl + F (on Windows) and you’ll see a search bar pop up.


Type in the word you are searching for, in this case ‘globalisation’.


Scroll through all the times the word ‘globalisation’ shows up until…


…you find the word with it’s definition!


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