Useful sites: essay examples, techniques, text summaries and more!

Navigating your way through the HSC, with all the texts you have read and all the concepts you have to understand, it can feel like it’s all too much.

So here are a list of handy websites that can help ease your way through the HSC, focusing mainly on ESL English:

  • Save My HSC – this guide includes sample essays, tips on how to write essays, and understanding the syllabus (this is from 2014 and focuses on Belonging).
  • Spark Notes – the ultimate saviour. For English (Shakespeare/books) this site gives you summaries, character analyses, concepts, techniques (themes, motifs & symbols), key parts of the play/book, explains quotes and provides essay topics. It also has notes on other subjects, including biology, health and history. You can access them here. This is an American website, so best to use them mainly for English and stick to Board of Studies syllabus for other subjects.
  • Matrix Education – this site provides a list of techniques you can use for English. It is very helpful for poetry or analysing a text!

Now you can get started on that essay with all these helpful sites to guide you through!

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