Translate, learn a language (including coding) for free

Sometimes there’s that one word or sentence that can be confusing. Here’s a list of translation websites and apps that can be helpful:

Translation websites

  • -simple translation tool, easy to use and access
  • Google Translate – simple translation tool, easy to use and access. You can also translate something by taking a photo of it!
  • Persian/Farsi – includes Persian/Farsi dictionaries, Persian keyboard, translation to and from Persian/Farsi.
  • Free – offers wide range of languages to translate.
  • Ingilizce – translation tool for Turkish.

Translation apps

It is important to know that not everything is directly translatable. Here are some things to keep in mind when translating from your native language to English:

  • The sentence structure may be different – click here for examples of English sentence structures.
  • Tenses – in English there is past, present and future tense. For example, the word go. Past tense of go is went/have gone. Present tense of go is go/going/goes. Future tense of go is will go/will be going. 
  • Noun markers – words like the, a, an, the, this, that, these, those.  

Want more assistance with learning English or another language?

  • Duolingo – you can get it as an app on Android/iOS and you can also log in on your laptop.
  • Busuu – available for Android/iOS. Offers limited free version, paid full version.
  • Check out Lingualift for reviews/more apps.


  • Code Academy – learn how to code for free, you just need to sign up. There are many areas you could learn about, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Learn to Code, to see your options.
  • Code Avengers – while it only offers a 7 day free trial (after that it costs $29 per month), you can use that free trial to learn 5 lessons in each course and it is available in English, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese.
  • For more options, check out Learn To Code With Me for other free coding websites.


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